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Workshop Tools

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Master Gauge

This item is the best height of cut gauge on the market
Digital Master Gauge accurately measures the desired height of cut. Very easy to use.
Place the bar over the front and rear rollers, puth the measuring rod onto the lip of the bed knife. Fast and very accurate.
18" (450mm) Long comes complete with protective storage case.
Price: 197.56

Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

Complete Kit for repairs to any Tubeless tyre without the need for glue.
Price: 52.87

Box of tubeless tyre repair patches

Box of 60 refills for tubeless tyre repair kit
Price: 21.45

Bearing Puller

Water Pump Style Bearing Puller
Price: 87.62

Bed Knife Screw Driver Tool

Bed Knife Screw Driver Tool Hardend Steel suitable for all Jacobsen and John Deere Greensmower Bed Knife Screws
Price: 31.30

Toro Bed Knife Screw Removal Tool

For safe and easy way to remove Bed knife screws from all Toro machines
Price: 31.30

Super Jack

Super Jack for Rotary Mower Decks
Price: 348.97

Kwik Jack

Super fast and safe Rotary Mower Jack
Price: 83.84

Ramp Kit

You can make your own ramp quick and easy.

**Reduced Price Now Only £28.00**

Was £43.75
Price: 31.85

Hydraulic Oil Dye

Hydraulic Oil Dye 4oz
Price: 56.07

Back Lapping Paste - 4.5kg

Highest Quality Back Lapping Paste Pre-mixed.
120 Grit Fine 4.5kg for greens mowers
80 Grit medium for general use
50 grit for Gang mowers or fast metal removal

An essential item for any Greenkeeper
Price: 41.27
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Back Lapping Paste - 12.5kg

12.5kg Tub Back lapping paste
sold in either 50 grit course,80 grit medium,120 grit fine
Resealable Lid
Price: 81.27
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